The Modern Games Deck

Mechanics for over a dozen modern board games have been condensed into a single poker deck. These cards pack a lot of information into a minimal design that can be understood at a glance. They are equally usable upside down, mostly obscured in a hand, or laid out across the table. This deck is the most fun per gram anywhere.

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Design Notes

Every marking must be able to be either the most important thing or invisible, no matter which elements you're using. These cards carefully balance whitespace and layout so that elements are placed in optimal locations for how they're likely to be used and so that no other elements conflict with them in terms of style or location. The pips have an increasing visual weight so that low cards are intuitively distinguishable from high cards. The varied designs ensure that you never mix up a 6 for a 7. Visual separation and center placement of the 1-36 numbers ensure that you never mistake the 7 of hearts for the #7 card.

Designed by Ida Mayer. Face card art designed by Mike Winkelmann and licensed under creative commons.
Many thanks to our playtesters: Jeremy Hoffman, Eric Tseng, Lauren Higdon, Jake Small, Eric Dobson, and Chris Shull.

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